Myriad Grains – 3D instancing enhanced

Myriad Grains is a tool-set that address to enhance per-particle data manipulation. It provides convenient and fast way to transform instances data, like scale, orientation, shading properties or other user defined attributes. Heart of the tool-set is built around efficient scripting language (MGL), designed to process points in straightforward and easy to understand way. Available as plug-in for Autodesk Maya, in connection with Arnold renderer it gives convenient control over instancing process.  Myriad Grains procedural approach facilitates motion-graphics content creation.

Basic workflow with Myriad Grains can be represented in three steps:

1. Connect input signal (mesh, points, numeric data) to processor node.
2. Write script defining transformations of input data.
3. Output transformed data to mesh or instancer node.


Network of points is defined by mesh vertices and edges. Vertex fields describe properties of instance, that are utilized by renderer to populate geometry. Values of fields can be modified with use of shading engine computations, numeric input signals (like animated position of locator), or neighbor point properties. Access to neighbor points enables contextual operations (like relaxing mesh vertices).


Vertex data is decomposed to set of arrays. Arrays are passed through evaluation graph and processed by subsequent nodes using expressions written in MGL. This procedural approach enables creation of rigged particle systems, that are driven by objects from Maya environment.